Chapter 3 - Colorado

In 1905 Grandpa & Grandma Davis with Harvey, Maude May, Edna, Luther, Earl and Magnolia all moved to Calhan, Colorado about 40 miles east of Colorado Springs to home stead. 

Already there, were some folks who are to play an important part in the family in the coming years. People like Dick Easom a young energetic little fellow, and a family of Culbertson's. When the folks moved into this lush land the buffalo grass was belly high on the horses and the soil rich for growing corn and beans, the main food crops still grown in the dry land (non-irrigated) of eastern Colorado.

After a little while in the Calhan area of eastern Colorado, March 15, 1906 to be exact, another girl was born. Harvey B. and Nettie Turner Davis our fraternal Grandmother died giving life to the last Davis of that generation. This was January 29, 1909 and the boy's name was to be Noble James Davis last and youngest of eight Davis children ranging in ages from 26 years to new born.

Harvey Hardy married, moved to Lake City, Kansas where he raised his family. One of his sons was Sheriff in Lake City up to just a few years ago. Harvey Hardy died April 21, 1964.

Maude May married three times her last husbands name was Springer. She moved to Missouri and spent most of her days in Joplin, Springfield and in Miami, Oklahoma. Never got to far away from Grove where she grew up. She is now deceased, exact year unknown to this writer.

Edna Ruth married a local homesteader by the name of George Meyhew. She and George had five children, all born in Colorado.
  1. Oleta
  2. Henry
  3. Ivy
  4. Hazel
  5. Ellen
George preceded Edna in death, both are deceased at this writing. (Note: Zoe Johnson Gibson was related to George Mayhem). Zoe is mother of Vernon Gibson a friend of this writer and fellow Washingtonian.

The next marriage to take place was Grandpa Harvey B. Davis to the widowed Eliza Ellen Embry, Culbertson. The Culbertson's lived in Pueblo, Colorado for some time, in Vineland, Colorado not too far from Calhan and finally homesteading a farm in the Calhan area. We will return to the Davis' in Chapter 5.

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My family, particularly my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents, knew the Culbertsons in Pueblo very well as we have been connected with the RLDS church almost from its beginning for at least 4 or 5 generations. My mother still remembers them very well.