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The Davis story actually started in the British Isles many years ago. The name Davis is from Welch ancestry, but this writers grandfather claimed more Scotts-Irish ancestry about how the Davis clan came to America. We do know they settled in what is now the state of 

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The Oklahoma territory was beginning to be settled by white homesteaders. The land was acquired by "Runs" & Lottery, a Run being a race for a claim at a specific time.

Harvey's first wife died, the cause is some what a mystery. 

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In 1905 Grandpa & Grandma Davis with Harvey, Maude May, Edna, Luther, Earl and Magnolia all moved to Calhan, Colorado about 40 miles east of Colorado Springs to home stead. 

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John Williams Culbertson, this writers maternal Grandfather was a descendent of English and Welch ancestors. It is claimed that we go clear back to the Feudal Lords one in particular in the "House of Duncan". An English sea captain named named John Culbertson was actively engaged in bringing immigrants to the New England territory. He later settled in Iowa area having married a Cherokee Indian maiden.

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